Welcome to York County Parks’ department event registration page. This is the registration page for Park Events including Nature Discovery Programs, Reptile Week Live Reptile Shows, and Christmas Magic.  Choose the calendar date you wish to register for a park event and follow the prompts.

Nature Discovery Programs:  Discover with us. Grow for life!

We are delighted that you have chosen to join us for our summer programs.  Summer is for fun, new friends, exciting adventures and making memories.  During the Nature Discovery Program (NDP), your child will see why nature makes us brighter!

Our Curriculum: York County Parks summer day programs provide environmental education learning experiences based on the Constructivist Learning Theory.  This honors background experiences and provides discovery-based learning opportunities.  One of the most important goals of our curriculum is to encourage students to become lifelong learners, discovering the amazing wonders of nature.

Our programs are formed around the following learning styles:

  • Linguistic: reading, writing, story telling
  • Logical/Mathematical: experiments, problem solving, reasoning/logic
  • Spatial: drawing, building, designing, puzzles, using their imagination
  • Musical: singing, instruments, sounds, rhythm
  • Kinesthetic: moving around, games, dance, sports, body language
  • Interpersonal: group/teamwork, communicating, sharing, cooperating
  • Intrapersonal: journaling, individual work, working in an independent self-pace instruction
  • Naturalistic: discriminate among living things as well as sensitivity to the natural world features.


Choose the date you wish to attend AN EVENT on the calendar below and follow the steps to complete registration.  PLEASE CALL 717-840-7440 if you have any questions.